A Team to Serve the DMV Community

Federal workers and other professionals in the Washington-Baltimore-Virginia region face distinctive challenges as they pursue their careers and move toward retirement. The economic forces and volatility in the area are unique and demanding. MERC Capital supports your journey through these forces with education-forward processes to help you progress toward your goals.

Nearing & Living in Retirement: Navigating Through Life’s Transitions

Sometimes life moves more quickly than expected. The major transitions are often a time to celebrate but some require adapting to financial changes. Retirement is a big milestone, but there are others, like changes in your family, your career, your health, or your direction. As you approach these new paths, we can help you assess and alter your financial strategy.

Federal Employees: Optimizing Benefits

MERC capital can help federal employees optimize their specialized retirement benefits, which often include a basic annuity plan that is part of the Federal Employees' Retirement System (FERS) and a TSP (Thrift Savings Program), in addition to Social Security.

Municipal Workers: Navigating the Full Career Spectrum

Municipal workers face specific retirement concerns that are distinct from those of private-sector employees. These concerns can vary based on factors such as the worker's job, union agreements, and the specific retirement system in place.

Professionals: Pursuing Your Financial Opportunities

Private-sector professionals need to ensure that they are planning for their desired financial future as they progress through their careers. Each new position may bring different financial opportunities and options. MERC Capital can help you navigate the options and take advantage of each new opportunity.