Working from Shared Experiences

MERC Capital clients rely on our team to provide effective processes and tools to support the life and legacy they seek. Our homegrown, deeply experienced team serves every client with a comprehensive approach that includes financial, legal, and tax planning to safeguard assets and deliver them forward to the next generation.

Bringing a Local DMV Perspective

Our team is local--we live and work in the Baltimore-Washington-Virginia metropolitan area. That means we understand the economic conditions that are unique to this region and impact your career and your financial journey. We are proud of our roots in this community and believe that our ties here help us serve you better.

Using Technology to Your Advantage

Our team leverages advanced technology as an effective tool to enhance the personal, tailored service we offer. Using technical solutions helps us simplify complex financial questions and streamline processes so we can help you more effectively move forward toward achieving your long-term objectives.

Our Core Values: A Genuine Foundation

Our fundamental approach focuses on prioritizing your needs, and our team consistently demonstrates that focus. Our processes reflect our commitment to helping you achieve the things that matter most to you.

Comprehensive Care & Education

Clients rely on us to help them transition generational assets to the next generation. We can help them solve for every step on that path with comprehensive financial, legal, and tax guidance and delivery.

A Team Effort Specialized to You

Our team has over 75 years of combined experience. Together, we’re equipped to meet any challenge head-on, while making the planning experience unique and tailored to your lifelong journey.

Technology to Support Your Plan

We power tactical processes, procedures and delivery with leading-edge technology. It helps us simplify complexities and chart a visible course to your desired generational outcomes.

A Regionalized 

We’re proud of our local roots and connections. We understand the economic factors that affect the careers and compensation plans throughout the DMV area.


Crafting a Comprehensive Tax, Legal, and Wealth Plan For You

Our team has tremendous experience in planning, tax management, and legal guidance, so we can guide you through every challenge in your financial life. We address each client's needs with a custom plan designed to provide support now and through your lifelong financial journey as well as for future generations.

Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network is not a legal or tax advisor.