Let’s Get to Know One Another.

You might be surprised that our initial questions aren’t about what you earn or have in the bank but rather your life’s story and goals.

Simplifying Complex Concerns

MERC Capital is a fiduciary financial services practice helping you achieve your goals using an education-forward, confidence-building approach to your financial strategy. Our local roots and generational perspective enable us to leverage our expertise and effective processes to provide a comprehensive blueprint that works for you.


Taking the Long-Term View

We employ a long-term approach to financial planning. We believe that time spent developing a genuine rapport with you will enhance the quality of our advice. We offer a full range of financial, legal, and tax services so we can help you build the confidence to navigate changing economic forces as you pursue your ideal financial objectives.

Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network is not a legal or tax advisor.


Targeted Strategies for Every Goal

Our complete array of services will meet every challenge you encounter on your financial journey.

Estate Planning Strategies

We are committed to helping you formulate and achieve your desired legacy by simplifying the protection and distribution of your assets.

Retirement Strategies

Our retirement strategy evaluates the resources you have and helps you enhance your preparedness for enjoying your ideal retirement.

Living Trusts

We help develop an understanding of your revocable living trust to grant you control over your assets, allowing easy adjustments and simplifying asset transfer.

Investment Planning

Your goals form the foundation of our personalized investment strategies, designed to help you grow and safeguard your assets for future generations.

Fostering Your Financial Confidence

Our thoughtfully chosen calculators provide you with the chance to advance your financial knowledge, boosting your confidence and expertise in financial decisions.

Working to Address Investment Needs at Each Stage

Our comprehensive range of services is designed to help address any obstacle you may encounter during your financial journey, no matter what situation you are in.

Private-Sector Professionals

We help private-sector professionals plan for their desired financial future as they progress through their careers.

Nearing & Living in Retirement

Planning for a confident retirement is part of an overall approach to financial health. We can help elevate your preparedness.

Federal Employees

& TSPs

We understand the challenges facing federal workers and help them optimize their resources, including Thrift Savings Plans.

City Municipal


Municipal employees must prepare to withstand unexpected changes in employment while adequately preparing for their future.

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